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Large Party Bundle Up to 80 People

This 800 square foot tent is for a slightly larger party. Still small enough to fit comfortably in your yard, this tent provides plenty of space for dancing and drinking or simply more guests. This tent can fit up to 80 people comfortably with standard seating, though this can be adjusted based on dance floor and bar needs. This tent is often rented for larger college graduation parties, small...


Medium Party Bundle Up to 64 people

Slightly larger than our smallest size, this rectangular tent comes with 600 square feet of space. This tent can be used for up to 60 people, making it great for baby showers, baptisms, or even fancy barbecues or friend reunions.  Contact us for Multi-Day Rentals!


Small Party Bundle Up To 40 people

This is your standard backyard tent. When hosting a backyard party, this tent is perfectly appropriate. Often used for graduation parties, baptisms, and other small family gatherings, this tent can easily accommodate up to 40 people inside of the tent. Like all our tents, we offer tables and chairs as needed with your setup on this tent, to make it a truly stress-free experience.  Contact us...